What I Sampled at the Second Annual NJ Taco Festival

I went to the 2nd Annual NJ Taco Festival this past weekend and got to try a lot more than I did last year. To clarify, the place where I wrestle primarily had matches at the festival and it rained last year (making it hard to try anything).

This year, I wanted to sample a lot. The way the festival is set up is that there are booths and food trucks set up at the Sussex County Fairgrounds (aka a bunch of dirt) with vendors selling their wares (tacos, hot sauces, liquor & other food).

With that being said, let’s dive into my sampling.

Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce

Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce

The first place I went was Jersey Barnfire. I sampled their Black Garlic hot sauce since I’m a huge fan of garlic and it was delicious.

I even tried it with a chicken taco and it still tasted good. I might buy the Black Garlic sauce in the future if I remember to.

Sam and OliverSam & Oliver

Next up is Sam and Oliver, who apparently offers a promo code for a 10% discount… smart move. They offer a variety of sauces, but the one I tried was the¬†Stoke Chipotle pepper sauce.

It was described to me as medium heat. It was fine, but nothing really stood out.

Whitehouse Station Sauce CompanyWhitehouse Station Sauce Company

What really piqued my interest was the Whitehouse Station Sauce Company and that’s because of their Carolina Reaper sauce. The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world and there was even a pepper eating contest with these.

I tried the sauce on a chip and I walked away thinking it was pretty good and a little hot. Ten steps later, I felt the burn and started to sweat. Wow, that’s powerful.

Voodoo Chile Sauces

Voodoo Chile Sauces and Salsas

The one booth where I actually bought an item was¬†Voodoo Chile Sauces and Salsas. That’s because they had a Bacon Taco sauce that packed a good amount of punch while tasting like bacon. I’ve already used it on egg white omelettes and it was pretty spectacular.

I also tried food from the following places that did not have business cards:

  • Empenada Mania’s bacon burger empenada
  • Taqueria Autentica’s pollo con pipian rojo
  • The Guac Spot’s vegan black bean taco
  • Mexi-Flip Taco Truck’s 3 amigos (1 chicken, pork and chicken mango taco each)

And to cap off the night is exactly what you expected of course…

Clydes Homemade Italian Ices Ice CreamClyde’s Homemade Ice Cream

No NJ Taco Festival is complete without ice cream, apparently. I opted to get a cup of the mint chocolate chip and boy did it feel good! I was sweaty at the end of the day, as it was 90 degrees out, and nothing makes a hot sweaty man feel cool better than good ice cream.

Business Card Count: 33641

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