5 Years is the Chocolate Anniversary

Max Brenner New YorkIt’s been 5 years since I started my relationship. It’s traditionally the wood anniversary and apparently it’s the silverware anniversary in modern times. Beth and I made it the chocolate anniversary (and other good food) at Max Brenner.

My first experience going there was for Beth’s birthday a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it. This experience was no different, except I don’t recall feeling fat after my last experience.

Max Brenner NYCWe started off with white corn croquettes filled with manchego cheese. We debated on whether to get 4 or 8, unsure if 8 would be too filling. We decided on 4, but after we ate them said that we should have gotten 8. Typical.

For my meal, I decided to get one of the specials on the menu that wrapped up the savory food that I wanted with the chocolate that Max Brenner is known for: a molé burrito stuffed with pulled pork, rice, beans, cheese and guacamole.

We also got two desserts: a strawberry hazelnut crepe comprising a chocolate-hazelnut spread,/strawberries/powdered sugar/milk chocolate ganache/vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chunks pizza comprising milk & white chocolate chunks/hazelnut bits/bananas/peanut butter/roasted marshmallows. This is probably why I feel fat.

If you want to feel fat like I did, take a look at the food that I ate.

Max Brenner RestaurantMax Brenner ChocolateMax Brenner New York

Which of these foods looks most appetizing?

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