A Photograph of a Business Card Doesn’t Count

All Natural N Beautiful Hair StudioI’ve encountered a lot of unique business cards in my time collecting them. However, the one thing that I need for the business card to be is a business card.

Not a photograph of a business card like the one that the All Natural N Beautiful Hair Studio in Plainfield NJ provided to me at my local grocery store. This logic baffles me… seriously, how is a photo better than a card?

Let me run down my logic:

  • It’s more expensive to develop a camera than it is to print business cards.
  • Business cards are less flimsy than pictures.
  • Business cards are easier to put in a wallet or pocketbook than a picture.

I guess these hair stylists were smoking some $10 doobies when coming up with this brilliant marketing plan. Or did they have some undeveloped disposable cameras with film left and thought, “what the hell, let’s promote our business!” Not through taking pictures of hair styles done at the All Natural N Beautiful Hair Studio mind you, but by taking a photo of a business card.

Even if they printed it off the computer, the ink & paper are even more money!¬†Although this didn’t count as a card for my collection, I still collected some other ones that do.

Business Card Count: 31,211

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