Throwback: A&T Auto Parts Last Chance Pick & Pull

1995 Buick SkylarkI’m going way back to the 2006ish for this one since it was the day my 1995 Buick Skylark was officially on life support. The Skylark was my second car ever and it was a fun ride.

It was a bold blue color that really stood out and appealed to me when I was shopping at my mother’s friend’s grandfather’s used car lot. I was getting over the loss of my first car, a silver 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo, via Asian lady stoppage in the middle of the highway. But I did enjoy the Skylark for about a year and a half until things started going south.

Several parts started going until it would cost more to fix the car than it was worth. I was told by the mechanic that it only had a few more miles until the engine would stop. He recommended a place to go drop it off: A&T Auto Parts Last Chance Pick & Pull in Hyde Park, New York.

A and T Auto PartsI thought to myself “of course I’m taking my car to a place called Last Chance.” It’s the most appropriate name for a junkyard since it’s the last chance the guy had for being whole.

It probably wound up getting gutted for parts, which is pretty sad considering I knew the body shop who got my 1st car and actually told me when my old car was ready. Man, I did enjoy driving to and from college in the Skylark.

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