All Towns Should Have a Business Card, But These Ones Actually Do

I haven’t done a category blog post in a while, but it’s time to do another one. I have business cards from many towns, but very few of towns themselves. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the town business cards I’ve got.

Media Pennsylvania

Media, Pennsylvania

The first town business card I ever collected is from Media PA, a town in Delaware County that’s a few miles outside of Philly. My uncle lived there at one time and my family & I went to visit him when I was younger. I remember it being a nice area and enjoying my vacation.

The card may only mention the town’s website, but a website is a gateway to seeing everything involved in the town. Or perhaps not, as I see this when I go to the current URL on the Media business card.

Media PA

Port Moody BCPort Moody British ColumbiaPort Moody, British Columbia

I received the business card for Port Moody BC from my aunt and uncle who visited there on vacation. This is a more detailed card than the one above because it folds out, as seen to the right.

When you fold the card out, you can see the tourist attractions to see in Port Moody such as a variety of parks, a trail and a historic centre. It looks like a beautiful place in metro Vancouver that I’d love to visit sometime because of its natural beauty.

Port Moody Map

Business Card Count: 33,368

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