Almond-Milk Swirl FroYo and Foot Fetishes in Westfield NJ

Almond Milk Swirl Frozen YogurtI had 2 of the most unusual experiences of my life at FroYo in Westfield, New Jersey. Both of them are very different in terms of why they were weird.

I feel the best way to describe this is chronologically. I entered the frozen yogurt stop since I wanted a small cool down.

I was promptly greeted by the man who was serving the FroYo… I’m not sure if he’s the owner or an employee. As I was deciding on what flavor to sample, he started just giving me samples of a bunch of flavors.

Almond-Milk Swirl

FroYo Westfield NJOne flavor I got to sample was the chocolate version of Almond-Milk Swirl, a vegan frozen yogurt alternative. They call themselves a creamy dairy-free soft serve.

What’s cool about the business card itself is that it lists the ingredients and nutrition info about the product. However, the product itself can’t replicate the exact texture of frozen yogurt.

Even though I like almond milk, the product tasted like a more solid version of chocolate almond milk. So not my cup of tea, but I can see it as a vegan alternative that’s healthier.

Possible Foot Fetish Request

I ultimately chose a small cup of graham cracker frozen yogurt with a multi-cookie topping. It tasted great and was smartly layered with yogurt-topping-yogurt-topping.

And at a $3.50 price tag, I would have went back to FroYo if I was in the Westfield area. Except for the interaction I had with the employee as I was leaving.

He requested to take a photo of my shoes (or the bottoms of my shoes). I asked why he wanted to and it took him some umms & pauses to respond with “for a collage.”

I immediately felt uncomfortable since I didn’t see said collage anywhere in the store and politely declined. I walked out and drove away as fast as I could with FroYo in hand.

Business Card Count: 35,941

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