My 1st Time Trying Arepas at the Edison Fall Family Spectacular

Over the weekend, I went to the Edison Fall Family Spectacular and enjoyed myself. It’s a street fair with a lot of vendors and some rides/activities. I did two of my favorite things: collected business cards and ate food.

Edison Fall Family SpectacularThe business cards were mostly from banks and other obscure places I’d never shop at. That’s where I turned to food and saw several offerings including The Guac Spot who I mentioned in my NJ Taco Festival blog post.

However, the only food place who brought a business card is an arepa stand. I had no idea until that day that arepas are a sweet cornbread fried up with mozzarella cheese in the center. I decided to get hot Italian sausage inside as well for an added treat.

That experiment was not the best thing. That’s because the sweetness of the cornbread conflicted with the spiciness of the sausage. Not to mention that the mozzarella was not very detectable at all. Then again, mozzarella doesn’t have too distinct of a flavor.

I’m not saying that they were improperly cooked by any means since I got a crisp outside with a fluffy inside. I’m just saying the arepas are not my cup of tea. I do enjoy corn bread with some butter. I do enjoy mozzarella with some meatballs or chicken parm. I do enjoy some hot Italian sausage. The combination of the 3 just did not work for me.

You live, you learn, you eat different foods to see if you like them.

Business Card Count: 33,694

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