Baja Not So Fresh

I got no business cards in Atlantic City for my brother’s bachelor party, just a severe feeling of “let me die” on Sunday afternoon (womp womp). So, I’m going to talk about a disappointing experience I had the other day coming home from working out.

Usually on Mondays, I get home late from working out since I go to a school to keep in ring shape for when I do professional wrestling on the weekends. That means Monday is a night when me and my girlfriend get take out and one of our favorite destinations is Baja Fresh because of the guacamole, the good chicken tostada salad that Beth gets and the grilled chicken quesadilla I get.

Baja FreshI drive up to get some guacamole for taco bake I was making at 6 pm and saw that the parking lot was empty and that the Baja Fresh in Pistacaway New Jersey was closed. Then, I saw the sign on the door that there was a notice of embargo and a health code violation! I watched Undercover Boss where the CEO claims that all of the food is made fresh, but I guess you can’t trust who purchases a franchise to ensure that their customers get the best quality of food possible.

Being an avid fan of shows such as Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares (love me some British chefs with over-the-top personas), I’ve seen the horrid conditions of restaurants that have been open without being closed by the health inspector. Yuck.

No matter what chain a restaurant is under, you can’t always ensure what goes into your body is safe. The best way is to cook at home, like I do. And it’s restaurants like this that make foodies cringe and food rant bloggers rejoice.

Would you eat at a restaurant that had to be shut down for a health code violation once it reopened? As a fan of Baja Fresh, I might eat at a different location again, but probably not the one that’s most convenient for me by my apartment.

Now, a Chipotle opened right in the next shopping center over from Baja Fresh. Let’s see if they can take better care of their restaurant.


  1. Good post, Chris. I used to eat here all the time when I worked in Piscataway! Makes me wonder what the hell I ate all the times I was there!! I think it’s better if I just don’t think about it….

    • Thank you very much for the compliment Brian. I agree, we probably shouldn’t think about it, but it’s hard not to. At least there are 10 other places to eat within walking distance, including a new Mexican chain restaurant.

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