Betty Higgs’ Construction Paper Business Card in the Bahamas

Betty Higgs Taxi BahamasI’ve seen some unique business cards in my time, but this one may take the cake. My sister got this “business card” when she went to the Bahamas and wanted to get a taxi to the airport for the family’s flight home.

Miss Betty Higgs has an interesting tale for sure that reeks of the island lifestyle. From what I was told, Higgs told my sister that she’d be at her hotel at a certain time to drive to the airport. Higgs even called and confirmed the time and day… and she called the hotel room multiple times in a row to boot, which must have been a fun experience.

And then she never showed up. I guess being laid back and possibly very late might be something you’d expect in a laid back place like the Bahamas, but I’ve never been. I have been to St. Thomas and Antigua… no transportation issues there. But I digress.

I guess that’s what you get from someone who has the professionalism to make and cut a business card out of construction paper. I did that in kindergarten… the construction paper part, not the business card part. I also guess this is part of the reason taxi drivers don’t get their own business cards.

And tragically, I don’t think this technically counts as a business card, more of a note with Miss Betty Higgs’ professional info.

Business Card Count: 32,360

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