The Birthday Dinner That Almost Didn’t Happen

Mill House Brewing CompanyThe Saturday after Thanksgiving, I went up to Poughkeepsie to celebrate my fiancee’s birthday along with my sister-in-law’s. Between us 4, my sister, her husband, my niece and my mother, we had a decent-sized party.

Good thing my brother & sister-in-law’s place to go, the Mill House Brewing Company, takes reservations. However, there was a snag with the reservation: the table we had was upstairs and for some reason, we didn’t want a table up there.

Don’t ask me, I just go where I’m told.

We were told to wait for a few minutes and a table would open up. Fast forward about an hour and we still weren’t sitting. We were about to leave when the GM intervened and he was not happy that we weren’t seated (probably feeling the sentiment we were).

His dedication to making us happy and the quality of the food more than made up for the wait. We started off with some buffalo chicken popcorn to pass around the table (it didn’t make it far past me if you know my love of buffalo wings), along with a complimentary cheese & meat platter and unique BBQ wings that were all delicious.

Then came the main course: pan-seared salmon that came with a yummy potato dish on the side and I ordered an extra side of brussel sprouts. Man, those were good sprouts since they were dusted with the same buffalo seasoning as the popcorn.

I also had some beer from a five-glass tasting sampler, which I thought was good. And I’m not much of a beer drinker.

I wish the Mill House Brewing Company would have been around when I went to Marist since I probably would have spent a lot of money eating there between the salmon and the other items I saw on the menu. After the treatment we received and the meal I ate, I’m happy we didn’t leave.

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