Ruby E. Reyes, MD Says I’m Allergic to Almost Everything

Ruby E Reyes AllergistFor years, I’ve been allergic all year around. Whether it’s dust, pollen or other forces of nature, it makes me sneeze, my eyes water, my nose run and my throat fill with phlegm.

Then, I had an allergic reaction that put me in the hospital. I only stayed overnight, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. My eyes were itchy at first and I felt scratchy in my throat, but things changed after I took a shower.

My throat was closing up and my face felt like it was getting pushed forward with mucus & blood coming out. I knew out of instinct to drive myself to the hospital, which was 3 minutes away vs waiting whatever time it would take for an ambulance to come.

I got to the hospital barely able to see or speak, but I got rushed right in and put on a steroid and epi (the drug they put into EpiPens I assume). It took a couple of hours, but the swelling started going down. An overnight stay later, I was told to see an allergist to find out what caused the reaction. However, I suspect it’s 1 of the 3 medications I was prescribed for my shoulder nagging me.

My Trip to the Allergist

I knew a little bit of what about going to an allergist like Ruby E. Reyes, MD based on my brother and his wife doing so. But I didn’t expect some of what occurred. First was a breathing test where I had to inhale deeply, blow as hard as I could (to blow down cartoon houses like the big bad wolf) and inhale again really fast in one motion each. I had a tough time doing this, so I had to try it 3-4 times to get it right and it’s an indicator that my breathing isn’t the best.

And going to Dr. Reyes helped me find out why. I got pricked by 60 pins on my back to determine what natural allergies I have. Then, another breathing test that went smoother since I took an inhalant medication where I had to breathe in with my mouth and out with my nose (a skill I never thought I’d need). And finally, 10 shots that broke even more of the skin in a combination form to confirm allergies I came up negative.

The result? I’m allergic to next to everything except for dogs and horses, which is great since I’m a dog person… and I guess a horse person? My biggest allergen is dust, but I’m also allergic to mold, trees, grass, cats, weeds and cockroaches. I didn’t even know a cockroach allergy was a thing. I’m sure there are more things I’m allergic to including poison ivy, but I think this is enough for now.

Oh, and as for the medication I’m allergic to? Ruby E. Reyes says there is no test for that , so they just picked the one that’s most common and assume it was that. But I’m going to try & avoid all 3, though avoiding the one is a lot easier since it’s a stronger version of an OTC medication.

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A Nice Double Date Night Out at U-Yee Sushi in Iselin NJ

U-Yee Sushi Iselin NJBelieve it or not, I first tried sushi while living abroad in London. My time overseas made me open myself up to many new things, from experiences in foreign lands to food. And I enjoy sushi, though I don’t eat it all that often for whatever reason.

Here’s the reason: it’s not too filling unless you get a lot of it. But, I do enjoy dining out and that was the case when I recently went to U-Yee Sushi on a double date with a couple me and my significant other met through Meetup.

I picked this sushi restaurant since it was by the Retro Fitness location in the Plaza of Woodbridge that I have worked out at and the couple we went with said they enjoy it. U-Yee also offers hibachi, but we opted out of that experience.

Sushi Restaurant Woodbridge NJThere were so many sushi rolls to choose from that I had a hard time choosing. But, I decided on the the 2 pictured rolls.

What I Ate & Drank

The first is the sweetheart roll (which had a different name I can’t remember) that combines salmon, avocado & ahi tuna and it was delicious (with wasabi). The second roll was called the Crazy Dragon. I was craving eel and this roll hit the spot with the eel flavor along with avocado & crabmeat.

They were hard to eat with my chopsticks… perhaps because I haven’t used them in a while.

The cocktails matched the good taste of the sushi. The highlight was called the U-Yee, which is named after the restaurant (though, the waiter recommended my significant other to have a different more common drink that was much weaker). I had a melon ball that was not too sweet and hit the spot.

I’d love to head back to U-Yee Sushi for the hibachi since the cold food was delicious.

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