I Got a Gift Card: Did Miller’s Ale House Redeem Themselves?

Joseph Amore Millers Ale House

I previously blogged about my one bad experience in Orlando at Miller’s Ale House. After tweeting my blog post, their social media team responded and eventually let me know I'd be emailed. And that message came in from Joseph Amore, Executive … [Continue reading]

Cool Business Card Concept: OTC Compliance, LLC

Sometimes, I get business cards that just tickle me. That's the case for OTC Compliance, LLC. I would normally think that quality and regulatory compliance would be somewhat dull. But this business card is like a mullet... business in the front and … [Continue reading]

My Very First Meetup at Blu Alehouse in Woodbridge NJ

Blu Alehouse Woodbridge NJ

I wanted to write about this experience for a little while, but my 4-part trip to Orlando delayed this, as did my my timely horrific experience at H&R Block. For a while, me and my girlfriend wanted to expand our social circle since we don't … [Continue reading]

How H&R Block of Piscataway NJ Delayed My Tax Refund

H and R Block Piscataway NJ

Tax time has come and gone once again. I used the same accountant... I mean Senior Tax Advisor that I had last year: Ellen Sowers at the H&R Block in Piscataway, New Jersey. Everything went smoothly when the taxes were done in the middle of … [Continue reading]

My Decadent Dessert at Cafe Tu Tu Tango: Orlando Part 4

Cafe Tu Tu Tango Orlando FL

Here it is: the conclusion of my trip to Orlando and the last meal I had in the city before flying out: dessert at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, where the slogan is "Food. Art. Fun." Let's start with the food. It took me literally 2 seconds to decide on the … [Continue reading]

Working Out at the YMCA Aquatic & Family Center: Orlando Part 3

YMCA Aquatic Family Center Orlando FL

Working out is important to me, even when I'm away. That's why I was happy to find out that there was a YMCA Aquatic & Family Center located right next to my hotel: the Orlando Metropolitan Resort. And it was free because I was staying at that … [Continue reading]

My Visit to Hogan’s Beach Shop, Brother!: Orlando Part 2

Hogans Beach Shop Orlando FL

The big reason why I went to Orlando was because I was wrestling down there. And I knew that I had to do something wrestling related outside of my business while I was in town. That's where Hogan's Beach Shop came in. They opened their Orlando … [Continue reading]

My Scamworthy Experience at Miller’s I Drive Ale House: Orlando Part 1

Millers Ale House Orlando FL

I took a 3-day trip to Orlando last week for my wrestling passion and will be documenting some experiences I had down there over the next few weeks. This was not the one that came first, but it's the one that sticks out the most in my mind. I feel … [Continue reading]

Hello Again: I Have 2 of Neal Diamond’s Business Cards

Neal Diamond Atlantic Chevy Cadillac

I have had Neal Diamond's business cards for a little while. Neal Diamond the car salesman who I've never met before, not Neil Diamond the legendary singer who I've also never met before. It's cool that Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac gives their … [Continue reading]

Tony’s Italian Kitchen: Good Pizza, Unique Business Hours

Tonys Italian Kitchen

It's been a while since I wrote about pizza. Whenever I commute to work, I pass by a place called Tony's Italian Kitchen in Midland Park, New Jersey. It always strikes me curious since the sign for the company is on the ground due to renovations to … [Continue reading]