Wedding Blog: Booking a First Class Wedding Shuttle

First Class LimousineAs we get closer to the wedding, there will be more wedding blogs as we start booking more vendors and buying more things, draining my bank account. Yippee.

Let’s start off with something that we apparently booked way too late: the the wedding transportation! After furiously making several phone calls, we contacted First Class Limousine based on a flyer we previously had from another wedding escapade.

And by we, I mean Beth.

Robert PortanteWe, meaning both of us, went to an appointment to see the shuttle itself. We met with Robert Portante about the service and pricing and found that he was honest about everything & friendly to speak with.

We saw the shuttle he talked about and it’s quite comfortable & spacious. There’s more than enough room to make only a few trips, making it easier to stick to our budget and feel less stressed about people not getting stranded at our wedding hotel that’s 5 minutes away.

Tell me about your experience with Robert Portante, First Class Limousine or another wedding transportation company in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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