A Business Card For a Cause: Team Denise Filera-Miksza

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I just so happened to grab this business card recently. It’s actually the first one I’ve ever seen of its kind: a card dedicated to a team of someone who passed away from breast cancer:┬áDenise Filera-Miksza.

The back of the card tells Denise’s story and why Darlene & Patrick Cornell decided to honor their friend. This is essentially equivalent to a business’s About Us section of their website and is perhaps something other businesses should keep in mind when printing their business cards.

Susan G Komen 3 Day Walker

Team Denise Filera MikszaIt’s always a sad story to see disease take anybody away at a young age. I don’t know any of these people personally or know anybody who passed because of breast cancer (although I have friends who do), but it’s always good to donate money to a good cause.

I know that there’s controversy about the Susan G. Komen Foundation (the 3-Day Walk creator) that comes with every major charity (i.e. where do most of the funds really go), but I’m not here to stir the pot. Not today at least.

Although I feel that it’s best to give money directly to a victim or their family if they’re deceased, I still think it’s quite honorable that Darlene & Patrick Cornell are doing this for their dear friend. Donating to this year’s walk is now closed, but I’m sure you can text 973-864-7368 if you still want to contribute in some way (especially if you stumble across this blog post after 2015).

If you know someone affected by breast cancer, my heart goes out to you since I’m lucky not to. There’s never a wrong time to donate money to a good cause, whether you do it through Susan G. Komen or through the people themselves.

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