Business Card Redesign: Delhi Garden

Delhi GardenOne of my favorite places to go eat Indian food in my town is Delhi Garden. It’s cheap and the food is good, especially the white-meat chicken makhani with brown rice and a side of garlic naan.

However, this is about their business card. No, not this one to the left that was their card up until the last time I went there.

This redesigned card below…

Delhi GardenTheir new card replaces the solid dark blue background with rainbow. I don’t see how an Indian food place can be associated with rainbows. I’m sorry, but I don’t picture rainbows when I think of Indian food. I personally like the old business card design a lot better. It looks more professional.

However, I do like the use of the new slogan “Taste of India at your door step…” on the new business card. It brings a little more personality to the company. They didn’t need the rainbow for that.

They Redesigned It AGAIN!

Delhi Garden Edison NJ

Update 9/2015: After I published this blog post in last March, it appears that Delhi Garden has redesigned their business card yet again. Out with the rainbow and in with a dark red color with some stereotypical Indian font in the middle for their slogan.

Apparently, it’s called Samarkan. I guess they needed to change their card to indicate they’re closed on Tuesdays (boo), but it looks the most professional of the 3 (yay).

Good job Satyan, good job. Which business card do you like better? Let me know in the comments below!

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