Business Card Redesign: Olive Garden

Cesare SanchezOne of my fiancée’s favorite restaurants is the Olive Garden. Ever since we started dating, it’s been a regular stop for us.

As we’ve been dating more, it hasn’t been as much since I’m not a huge fan of the “Italian” restaurant. They always have a healthy food option though, so I tolerate it. Plus, she was paying this time, so why not!

Enough about the restaurant since this is about a business card redesign. For years, Olive Garden has had the same format: rectangle logo with the person’s name and title (in this case, General Manager Cesare Sanchez) on the front and the vital stats on the back.

Olive Garden Piscataway NJI’m not sure when this change came about since we hadn’t eaten here in a while, but they’ve finally come out with a new logo. Of course, it’s present on their business cards.

It’s now a square logo and all the vital information is up front and prominent, including a new way to order online. On the back is just word Saluté to even emphasize the Italian more. Both still have the recyclable label on them as well.

I won’t be recycling these business cards though buddy. The only bad thing is now I need to eat at Olive Garden more often and not at the Piscataway NJ location, so I can get new cards to add to my collection.

I think the new cards are better since they have all the vital information up front and a cool olive branch design throughout to match the new logo. I feel the Saluté is a waste of space since it just makes it seem so much more “phony baloney” Italian, like a movie cliché.

Tell me which business card you like better in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,019

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