Business Cards From New York Comic Con 2015

One of the places where I sometimes get business cards are from big events such as trade shows and conventions. The New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 just passed and one of my wife’s coworkers, Vicki, went to the show.

Apparently, one of her missions was to get me business cards. I thank her, along with the rest of my wife’s coworkers, for helping add to my collection. When Beth first said she got me business cards from the 2015 New York Comic Con, I was curious about what kind of cars they would be.

New York Comic Con 2015 Business Cards

NYCC 2015 Business CardsThe answer was clear: illustrators & comic book people. Everyone bragged about the celebrity panels at NYCC 2015, but it seems to me that the artists are the heart of the Con.

And apparently, they travel in from all over the world. Jim Gambino of Magik Missle came in from New City NY (a short drive to the city), while Silhouettes by Jordan were from California and Paul Shipper flew in from across the pond.

Others don’t tell you directly where they come from, like Brett Weldele, Chris Trevas and Cryssy Cheung. They all have different specialties and different business cards.

Personally, I enjoy the business cards with actual illustrations on them the best. It shows the artist’s work while giving out their vital contact information. The other ones are fine also since they give out more information and you can probably see their work at their booths, but Paul Shipper has the best of both worlds: info on the front, illustration on the back (his is the soldier above).

I’ll probably never go to a NYCC because of how expensive the tickets would be, but who knows? Maybe you’ll see me there scouring the floor for business cards.

Business Card Count: 31,070

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