Buying My Dresser at Value City Furniture in East Brunswick NJ

Value City Furniture East Brunswick NJI have to come clean: I haven’t had an official dresser since I moved out of my apartment in 2011. That’s because I hung/put everything in a closet or plastic drawers to save money. Now, it was time to grow up and get a real dresser like an adult.

I was so excited to shop for dressers until I found out the cost. I had hopes to get a cheap dresser made of real wood, but my hopes might be dashed until I shopped around a bit. I looked at a lot of dressers online from places like Bob’s and Ashley Furniture, but none of them popped at me.

Then, I went to Pier 1 Imports since I received a gift card to there, but the amount of money and the length of dresser would not work for me. Then, the place to go was determined: Value City Furniture, right off Rt 18 in East Brunswick NJ.

I browsed the store and there were many dressers, but there were a few that caught my eye. However, there was a floor model that was being offered at $300, down from $1300. Say whaaat…

I fell for this model because it was hard wood, had felt on the inside and was enough room for my clothes (in my mind). I decided to browse the clearance section to see if there was anything of interest before making a final choice and boy was there!

It turns out that there was a familiar bedroom set in there… the current bedroom set in my room now. This furniture was bought in 2002… how is it still in the store in 2016? I pictured myself resting in bed listening to Linkin Park’s “In The End”… I tried so hard, And got so far, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter…

Because I bought the dresser that first caught my eye. I was able to talk the salesperson who was helpful and nice but has probably the most generic name ever, James Smith, into taking some more money off due to the felt being in less-than-perfect shape. I attempted to put it in the car, but the people in the store said no…  so the money I was given off went back on as the delivery charge.

But hey, it looks good AND fits all of my clothes. This is a big win for me since I never bought a dresser, though I’ve moved a few in my day. I’d recommend going to Value City Furniture’s East Brunswick location because of the selection and the staff was good, too.

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