Car Shopping Confusion

Sansone Auto NetworkI’ve had a couple of experiences shopping for a car, two used ones that wound up dying in a year and a half of ownership and one new one that I was forced to get after the second car had crapped out while crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge.

But, I digress. Beth and I are starting the car shopping process since her 2002 Kia Rio is pretty much the equivalent of one of those cars attached to the front of a shopping cart.

Since there were so many models that she wanted to test out, we decided to go to Sansone Auto Network because they had a few brands she liked. And the Toyota Prius c that I wanted to test out.

One of the cars Beth liked was the Hyundai Elantra GT. So, we went to Sansone to test drive one and of course, I scoured for business cards.

I grabbed a bunch from the dealership and noticed something strange: they were all different. Quite different, as you can see from the photo. Where’s the consistent marketing message?

It looks like the sales force has to print up their own business cards. Is this the norm for car dealers? Or is this to “show off their individual personalities”? Who knows, but I just see it as 4 more cards for the collection.


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