Carol Zelmore & Rick Reinecker Have a Clickbait Business Card

Ambit Energy NJ

I’ve seen many clickbait articles on Facebook (and a few on Twitter, maybe one on Google+), but this might be the first time I’ve ever seen a clickbait business card. Usually, Buzzfeed or these other sites have catchy headlines (like 5 Ways Koalas Will Rule the World One Day) and a fun description (like #3 will blow your mind!).

This business card has the headline: Is Your Future Worth 5 Minutes? Even before going to Carol and Rick’s website, I knew the answer was no. Going to their website and seeing the message “A New Gold Rush Is Quietly Taking Place The 5 Minute Video Your Utility Company May Not Want You To See…” & a perfect beach paradise background confirmed this.

The source of this tomfoolery are Carol and Rick Reinecker, two Ambit Energy consultants trying to sell their wares. I’ve heard a lot about Ambit Energy being a scam & I’m sure it’s a pyramid scheme. The worst crime of all? The video automatically plays as soon as you go onto their site. Oooh, what a pet peeve of mine.

5 minutes… well spent? More like 5 seconds to click back & that’s only because I had to move my mouse. Sounds more like a bounce rate business card to me. Zing, SEO style.

Carol Zelmore Rick Reinecker

Business Card Count: 30,974

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