Throwback: The Case of the Dr. Fagelman Assault

Today’s throwback business card is a little different than the others. It’s not actually promoting a business, but rather a YouTube video that a woman wants to go viral that she published in 2012.

I actually found this business card on a newspaper stand in New York City back when I took my wife out for our 5th dating anniversary at Max Brenner (a year and a half after this video’s publishing). When I first picked up this business card, I wasn’t sure what to make of it since I had never seen a card that was a gateway into Googling something, seeing something on YouTube & reading criminal reports online.

Dr Andrew FagelmanDr Fagelman Assault

Both sides of this card tell a very interesting story. The woman who printed this business card, Suzannah B. Troy, is claiming that Delita Hooks (who works for Dr Andrew Fagelman) assaulted her. I’m not sure why this crusade is called Dr Fagelman assault, but it also speaks to police corruption and demands that I seek out proof of this accusation.

Fine business card, I’ll do as you say. Let’s go to the videotape.

This tells an interesting story. You start off in the middle of the action when Suzannah turns on her camera phone and demands that Delita that does something again. Delita tells Suzannah to leave and appears to swat at her, prompting the assault accusation. More words are exchanged and eventually the camera starts shaking and many bumps & other sounds are heard.

At the 25-26 second mark, an annotation pops up that says, “Dr Fagelman’s receptionist came out from behind a long closed off reception desk to continue violating my patient rights. First, she provoked me to get help and when I couldn’t get Dr Vine, Delita Hooks provoked me giving me the finger to start filming…”

I’m not diving into the whole police report or anything else besides watching the video because a) that’s the main point of evidence and b) I don’t have the time or desire to.

I can clearly see that there’s something not right with the whole situation. On the one hand, it’s clear that Delita hits Suzannah at least once and proceeded to take her shoes off & one coworker (I assume) says, “Dee, don’t,” before the camera goes sideways.

On the other hand, why provoke a situation further by whipping out your smartphone and making demands? All that does is escalate things and perhaps a physical assault wouldn’t have occurred if technology wasn’t so easily accessible to start filming people without their consent.

I don’t know what happened before the footage began taping at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s office, but I doubt that it justifies physical violence. The 2 big takeaways from this business card (doesn’t that sound like a weird statement?) are:

  1. Don’t physically attack people. (verbally attacking them isn’t nice either)
  2. Don’t tape people without their permission.

I hope Suzannah finds the justice she’s looking for since any form of assault is wrong.

Business Card Count: 31,143

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