All Towns Should Have a Business Card, But These Ones Actually Do

I haven’t done a category blog post in a while, but it’s time to do another one. I have business cards from many towns, but very few of towns themselves. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the town business cards I’ve got.

Media Pennsylvania

Media, Pennsylvania

The first town business card I ever collected is from Media PA, a town in Delaware County that’s a few miles outside of Philly. My uncle lived there at one time and my family & I went to visit him when I was younger. I remember it being a nice area and enjoying my vacation.

The card may only mention the town’s website, but a website is a gateway to seeing everything involved in the town. Or perhaps not, as I see this when I go to the current URL on the Media business card.

Media PA

Port Moody BCPort Moody British ColumbiaPort Moody, British Columbia

I received the business card for Port Moody BC from my aunt and uncle who visited there on vacation. This is a more detailed card than the one above because it folds out, as seen to the right.

When you fold the card out, you can see the tourist attractions to see in Port Moody such as a variety of parks, a trail and a historic centre. It looks like a beautiful place in metro Vancouver that I’d love to visit sometime because of its natural beauty.

Port Moody Map

Business Card Count: 33,368

If You Say You’re Going to Asbury, You’re Probably Wrong

Bill Jelliffe Asbury NJAsbury Park is a popular destination in New Jersey because of the beaches, restaurants and nightlife. People even call it Asbury for short and I’ve heard it from friends & coworkers since saying Park takes too long or people know where you’re going. Or do they?

I went to a double-state town a couple of months ago (Washington, New Jersey) and saw a sign for Asbury. I knew I drove 78 West and I knew was in Warren County, not Monmouth.

Asbury is a whole different world than Asbury Park, as evidenced by the business card I got at a local Quick Chek. I don’t think you would find many corn fields down by the boardwalk. It’s weird that Asbury and Asbury Park are so far away from one another because of the similarities in their names.

There might a park in Asbury, but it’s not Asbury Park. One thing is for sure though… I’m hungry for some corn on the cob with butter and a little salt.

Asbury vs Asbury Park NJ

Business Card Count: 32,816

Patience Can Be a Virtue When Business Carding

Digital Signage ExpoI know about trade shows and the swag that you can get. I’ve gone to a couple and always walked around the floor grabbing business cards. That’s what I would have done if I went to the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), but alas I did not fly to Vegas.

But my wife did. I told her to snag me some business cards. She grabbed a bunch for her client and a few from her experiences.

The catch is that she took half of them for herself because of work. Greedy. Especially when she told me I could only have one from a guy and there were 2 different backs.

She said she’d give me the rest when she was done with them. That pretty much means I’ll never see them again… but my thoughts were changed when we packed her desk for moving.

Old Business CardsHuff… “Here.”

That’s what I heard when my wife handed me a stack of business cards just taking up space in a section of her desk. What gems she unearthed for me. They include:

  • Cards she needed from our wedding, whether it’s duplicates from wedding venues or ones she came across at bridal shows
  • Old colleagues she used to work with, including a card she never gave me of one of her good friends/a bridesmaid
  • Job interviews she went on years ago (who knew there was a Barnes and Noble College?)

Hopefully it won’t take me years to get my hands on these cards from DSE.

Business Card Count: 32,455

Every Dog Has Its Business Card

I’ll have to admit it: I’m a dog person. Most dogs seem to like me and I like most dogs. I also hope to get one some day, as does my wife. Soon enough dear, soon enough.

Thunder CorgiThunder Budddy

I already have a few dogs in the form of business cards. One of my wife Beth’s coworkers, Katie, recently gave her the business card of a corgi named Thunder who was her corgi Rex’s Secret Santa. Thunder appears to have a social media presence, perhaps to become a corgi phenomenon through cute photos and/or videos.

I’m a little disappointed Thunder doesn’t have a Twitter, but then again it’s not a bird, it’s a dog. Dogs don’t tweet.

Beth was excited and was sure that this was the first business card I ever received of a dog. I had to disappoint her and tell her that it was not. I’ve received some others.

Apple Pie Pet BakeryApple Pie Pet Bakery

This one is a bit of a stretch since Apple Pie Pet Bakery is a pet food creator based out of St. Thomas. However, a certain dog named Apple is named the Official Dog Treat Taster. I’d love to get paid with food and belly rubs while living on a tropical island. I guess I’ll settle for being a human in cold New Jersey.

Eastside Kennel

This business card is a double whammy and I consider it as the dog’s business card since the Eastside Kennel is promoting said dogs. The first side is simple enough: a young dog named Rob Lo that’s 6 months old. I don’t think he’s The Grinder or [insert a witty St. Elmo’s Fire pun here], but I think he’s probably been adopted at this point since this card was from a couple of years ago.

Rob Lo Eastside KennelKing Midas Eastside Kennel

The second is much different. Meet King Midas: a dog who’s open for stud. It seems up front enough about his breeding costs and such, and I have no idea if that’s a reasonable rate. I’m not sure if the King is still in business, but I’m sure he likes giving approved females the Midas touch.

I’ll be adding dog business cards here as I get more, but how likely is that? I don’t know, but I’m not counting business cards with dogs on them promoting another business (ex. pet stores and dog walkers). Stay tuned for more!

Business Card Count: 31,746

3 Years of Business Cards From New Mexico

Business Cards New MexicoAs I’ve said in the past, I have people from all over collecting business cards for me. I haven’t seen my uncle Billy in a while since he lives in New Mexico, but my mother vacationed there recently.

And she brought home this glorious business card mountain that has been building for 3 years. There were some of the usual suspects like real estate agents & restaurants. Not to mention some oddballs.

The vast majority of the cards, however, were related to his work with retired people. Between lawyers and people in the healthcare industry, I added a lot of new cards to my collection & replaced some duplicates.

Because of this acquisition, my collection jumped up 425 cards to…

Business Card Count: 31,636

Business Cards From New York Comic Con 2015

One of the places where I sometimes get business cards are from big events such as trade shows and conventions. The New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 just passed and one of my wife’s coworkers, Vicki, went to the show.

Apparently, one of her missions was to get me business cards. I thank her, along with the rest of my wife’s coworkers, for helping add to my collection. When Beth first said she got me business cards from the 2015 New York Comic Con, I was curious about what kind of cars they would be.

New York Comic Con 2015 Business Cards

NYCC 2015 Business CardsThe answer was clear: illustrators & comic book people. Everyone bragged about the celebrity panels at NYCC 2015, but it seems to me that the artists are the heart of the Con.

And apparently, they travel in from all over the world. Jim Gambino of Magik Missle came in from New City NY (a short drive to the city), while Silhouettes by Jordan were from California and Paul Shipper flew in from across the pond.

Others don’t tell you directly where they come from, like Brett Weldele, Chris Trevas and Cryssy Cheung. They all have different specialties and different business cards.

Personally, I enjoy the business cards with actual illustrations on them the best. It shows the artist’s work while giving out their vital contact information. The other ones are fine also since they give out more information and you can probably see their work at their booths, but Paul Shipper has the best of both worlds: info on the front, illustration on the back (his is the soldier above).

I’ll probably never go to a NYCC because of how expensive the tickets would be, but who knows? Maybe you’ll see me there scouring the floor for business cards.

Business Card Count: 31,070

Throwback: A Business Card With a Sample

I feel like a business card is a potential first impression that a customer can get if they don’t know you already and you either give it out at an event or if you put them in the public’s eye on a bulletin board or the like.

There are several ways that business cards can stand out from the pack. One of them is through attaching a sample of work to the card itself.

Steve Solop

I think this is a brilliant move to do, especially for the industry that he’s in. And all he (probably) had to do was repurpose fabric scraps he wasn’t going to use anyway.

Usually, the business card is attached to a brochure or a pamphlet explaining more. Those are always my least favorite since I have to remove the staple by hand

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen attached to a business card? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,715

This Business Card Only Uses Hashtags

Hashtag Business CardThis one is a first for me. I’ve seen hashtags used in social media marketing, but never as the only form of marketing on a business card.

I celebrated my 30th birthday recently, but I’m not too old to know how hashtags work. What I don’t know is how hashtags on a business card would work if there isn’t even a company listed.

Based on looking at them, it looks like the main goal of these hashtags is to help people.

But they also seem vague. That’s why I wanted to investigate each of these hashtags to see if people are using them.


Math Help

It appears that #MathHelp is the hashtag used by something called the Math Crunch app. Clearly, it doesn’t help with English, Science or Chemistry. In fact, Math Crunch app-related Tweets are the only thing this hashtag seems to be used for.


English Help

The #EnglishHelp hashtag seems to be more oriented towards the intended goal of this card, IMO. Not many people use this hashtag for things ranging from ESL to grammar advice.


Science Help

It seems like #ScienceHelp brings out a bigger variety of inquiries. Some of the ones I see are downright silly, but not many people use this hashtag either.


Chem Help

#ChemHelp seems to be the hashtag that people use the most to communicate to one another. Kudos to BeakerBabe for the cool Twitter handle.

Conclusion: I’m not sure if using a hashtag without your name or your company’s name is a wise move since anybody can use a hashtag at random.

Feel free to comment below or use a hashtag with me on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,707

I’m Officially Old

Maria's Mexican and Latin CuisineI just turned 30 this week, which means I’m officially old. It also meant a time to celebrate my birthday.

Since we went to Long Island for another family party, I chose a place I’ve never been to: Maria’s Mexican & Latin Cuisine in Nesconset. There are so many Italian places on LI, but I wasn’t in the mood for it since Italian food can be heavy.

30th BirthdayI feel like I made a good choice, although I ironically got a heavy dish: Paella Valenciana (saffron rice w/ chicken, pork, Spanish sausage, mussels, shrimps & clams). However, it was enough for 2 meals. I rarely get paella, so I had to get it when I saw it on the menu.

Another interesting note about Maria’s was that they had 2 very different “appetizers” on the table: chips & salsa and dinner rolls. This is the 1st Mexican restaurant (and restaurant in general) that did that. The rolls weren’t very good though, so perhaps there’s a reason why restaurants only put out 1 thing.

As you can see by the photo, I wore the birthday sombrero (worn by everyone else that night) & got a dessert. It was ice cream and fruit mixed together, but the fruit tasted canned.

I’d definitely come back, but just for lunch or dinner. Even if it’s not for my birthday.

Did you have a similar experience at Maria’s Mexican & Latin Cuisine? How about for your 30th birthday? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,608

Wedding Blog: The Month of Final Details

After all of the big decisions we made for our wedding, we needed to etch out every last detail to ensure everything will happen smoothly on Sunday. Just knowing the wedding is so close is quite the scary yet exciting thought.

Sounds to GoConfirming the Major Details

The last month has been all about meetings and confirmations with our major vendors. The one I remember most is meeting our DJ at Sounds to Go since:

  1. Their business card changed.
  2. My house and new wave music choices got vetoed. I sneaked a song or two I really wanted on there though.
  3. He seemed like a nice guy.

We also coordinated with him about the order people are entering in, as we coordinated with Love & Light Photographs about the photography schedule for the day that included buying an extra hour because we just have too much time in the whole process.

Then, there was the final meeting at Galloping Hill Golf Course, which was nice to see everything coming to fruition and not having a lot of “wedding crap” in my living room. And arranging the favors at a separate location, which I’m not spoiling.

There’s also First Class Limousines who were pretty curt to my fiancee in confirming the time since they insist on trying to drive people to the venue so early, bringing the centerpieces & other “wedding crap” to River Dell Flowers, Beth picking up the wedding paper (new term I learned) from Holland Designs & Beth trying on her wedding dress several times at Bijou Bridal in Paramus NJ.

The bridesmaids also received their dresses from Here Comes the Bridesmaid and they used the wrong size chart for their dresses. That means that they didn’t fit right, even to the extent where one girl had to get a refund & rush order a new dress from elsewhere. Good thing I got my suit months ago. For another wedding.

Bijou Bridal Paramus NJ Here Comes the Bridesmaid

Good thing I got my suit months ago. For another wedding.

Getting the Gifts

This was a pretty straightforward process throughout. We knew what we wanted to get people, but I’m not spoiling it here. We did a variety of things for our wedding party, ranging from going out & buying things at a retailer to ordering things online (ex. Embroidery by Linda on Etsy) & getting things custom made (ex. Things Remembered in Edison NJ).

Embroidery by Linda Things Remembered Edison NJ

Rock Your Hair StudiosGroom’s Haircut

Yes, this counts folks. I wanted to ensure my hair looked perfect for the wedding. Instead of going to some second-rate chain that I only use because I get coupons in the mail, I decided to go to a more upscale location.

I chose Rock Your Hair Studios LLC, which is right by my job. I got my haircut last week since I wanted to get over the first week hair shock I experience. Lauren was quite helpful in doing my hair the way I wanted to.

She was skeptical at first and then understood as my hair got buzzed and scissored off. She made sure it would look good for the big day. I think it was worth the extra money to make sure it was right and not put to chance by the stylist working that night at the places I usually go.

Iannelli DiamondsWedding Band Field Trip

We went into the city a while ago to pick out our wedding bands at the same place where I got the engagement ring: Iannelli Diamonds. Unfortunately, the wedding band did not fit properly due to fingers swelling up in the heat (we shopped for bans in like March).

The solution: we had to drive into Manhattan & have them use a machine to stretch it a bit. It now works, so crisis adverted (for now).

ButtonwilloeCake Topper

We wanted a special cake topper and we saw one we really liked that was created by Buttonwilloe. We honestly forgot about this until the last minute, so we were a bit panicked when we realized that we didn’t order this important detail yet.

Thankfully, Buttonwilloe came through and got us our cake topper in very little time.

Pink Blossom Goods????????????

This whole wedding has me so stressed out, I don’t remember what exactly we used Pink Blossom Goods for. I don’t feel like asking my fiancee, but I’m not sure if it’s a gift or other wedding paper (there’s my expanding vocabulary again).

Either way, we got the business card in the mail, so I added it to my collection.

**Update** Pink Blossom Goods made the customized door hangers I wanted for our hotel guests. They turned out great!

Tell me about your final month wedding happy or horror stories in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,504