Colonia BBQ: Discovering a New Hotspot in Front of Your Nose

Colonia BBQ Churrasqueira Portuguese CuisineSometimes, it takes an arduous journey to find a good food place. In the case of Colonia BBQ Churrasqueira Portuguese Cuisine, it was right around the corner from my house across from my liquor store and near the dollar store.

I enjoy good some barbecue, but it’s always find to hard a place where to get it made for you. I never noticed when driving by it that Colonia BBQ actually existed. But I decided to give it a try for lunch one day.

I read over the menu and I ironically got something that wasn’t quite BBQ: chicken in garlic sauce. Every item comes with a side of rice and fries, which seem like they contradict each other but this combination works.

That’s because the rice blended perfectly with the garlic sauce the chicken was made in and the fact that the fries came with some barbecue sauce. I’m assuming it was homemade based on the fact that it’s a BBQ joint and the sauce itself was sweet. The garlic sauce even worked with the fries to a lesser extent.

Between that dish and other menu options that include BBQ chicken, ribs and some other appetizers, I’d definitely eat there again especially since they can deliver to my house. That’ll be great for the wintertime or just Chris being lazy time.

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