Completing My 2nd Round of Therapy With Dr. Thomas Galski

Thomas GalskiI’ve been on a quest to better myself in a few ways over the past year since my divorce was finalized. And I thought I could do it myself, but I discovered that while my therapy with Tery Gerard Michaud served to really help me over the hump of my divorce, it didn’t help me quite as much with me.

After a few months of having self doubt and trying to confront what I didn’t like about myself & my relationships, I decided that I needed to give therapy another go. I was recommended to Dr. Thomas Galski, PhD. What was interesting on our first visit was that he’s a neuropsychologist.

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between behavior, emotion & cognition on the one hand and brain function on the other. And I know from my own developmental disabilities as a kid and how they might be affecting me as an adult that this is part of the reason I am who I am. I was told that I should see a different specialist to determine how to get to know myself in that facet and I plan to.

I also focused my time with Dr. Galski on why I second guess myself and doubt my thoughts, feeling like my opinions didn’t matter (so why bother saying them?) and not saying my true feelings. I contributed it to not feeling listened to in the relationships of my life in general, not just my marriage. It was the biggest prevalent theme throughout our sessions since it was affecting my relationships now, particularly with my family and significant other.

Another big one was speaking about my professional and wrestling careers since they both have very different impacts on my life. The recurring theme with those was the same as the one above: not doing anything for the fear of rejection. I’ve been rejected in a lot of different ways since I was young and I grew tired of being denied, whether it was by someone of the opposite sex, for jobs, with people I wanted to be friends with or something else.

Either way, I knew that I needed to fix myself since what I was doing clearly wasn’t working for me. I took on a new anxiety and slight sadness & negativity, which I feel has to do with my past situations. This is something I’ve been working through (and still am), but I know that I’m a work in progress.

My 4 months with Dr. Thomas Galski was very helpful in getting me to a turning point in my own life, where I doubt myself much less and state my feelings more. I know what I say is important because I think it and I feel it. I’m hopeful that things will be successful in my life (and they have been in my personal life) and I won’t need a third round of therapy, but I’m sure it’ll be inevitable.

As I said, I’m a work on progress trying to continue to better myself, so I can enhance my relationships and take better ownership of what I do. And to know that I have a network of people to support me from my significant other & 2 kids to my family, friends and acquaintances.

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