The Complicated Story of Fixing My Car’s Trunk Door

John LieberIt’s complicated. It’s more than just a Facebook relationship status: it was the explanation of why my trunk (well, hatchback door) wouldn’t open. At least, that’s what Edison Nissan service adviser John Lieber told me after a couple of hours.

It all started months ago when I had to push my car over an ice clump that my apartment complex didn’t clean up. More on those scumbags in a future blog post that’ll sure be a doozy.

Anyway, my trunk latch eventually stopped working and I procrastinated fixing it for the longest time. I was told I had to get it done for my bridal shower, which I’ll blog a little about when it happens.

So I called Edison Nissan to schedule an appointment and pulled into their awning area, where I let the guy park my car. After that convenience and speaking with John, I sat in their waiting area with my book. There were 5 comfortable seats and 4 uncomfortable seats, so I snagged one of the cozy ones.

Their free breakfast offering consisted of bagels (eww, non-complex carbs) and coffee (eww, caffeine). They also had vending machines, which didn’t look too appetizing considering I’m trying to eat better. I also walked around the showroom and snagged some business cards, including this guy:

Edison Nissan

Speaking of hokey, I also saw one of those novelty wheels that you get to spin when you buy a car. The prizes were 10%, 20% and 30% off of maintenance… that doesn’t sound like a worthy prize after I commit to buying a $20,000 car from you to save less than $50 on stuff.

But I digress. After a couple of hours and seeing a small technician make a temporary home in my trunk space, I was told I needed a $600+ part because something got smashed before coming in. That meant them ordering the part and me needing to come in a second time.

The only issue I had was it taking almost 20 minutes getting me out of there due to a parts guy not giving John the price for what I needed. I can’t control that and John had to ask the guy 3 times for it, but the hatch door is now fixed and ready to go. $800+ later for parts & labor.

Tell me about your experience at the Edison Nissan service department here or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,160

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