Convenience Insurance

Nirmal PatelRecently, I went to a convenience store just to grab a small bite to eat. When I went to check out, I saw this business card and had to grab it. However, the guy checking me out said, “are you looking for insurance?”

I gave my typical answer of, “no, I’m just picking it up in case I need it.” Apparently, he also offers insurance in addition to running a convenience store.

I understand that he owns two businesses and I respect that, but there is no way that I would get my insurance from a convenience store owner. I know that there’s a niche for independent insurance people, but I am insured through larger corporations because I trust their name value more.

I also find it funny that the email address on the card is even though his name is Nirmal. Not to be confused with this Nermal.


Nick and Nirmal are not even close.

I notice that the business cards that I pick up in and around Edison have Indian people have Americanized nicknames. I will have to find a card that shows that just because I find it silly. I understand they want to appeal to Americans, but some are skeptical of doing business with an Indian person.

I feel like it’s more insulting than anything just because you’re trying to fit in and sell yourself. But here are two questions I’ll leave you with:

  1. Would you get insurance from a convenience store owner?
  2. Would you do business with someone who’s Indian, but tries to call themselves by an American name?

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