Dem Smokey Bones (And Other Fun Times Near Boston)

Smokey BonesThis blog may be a bit delayed since this took place a while ago, but I’ll write it anyway seeing how it’s my blog. I went to the Boston area last month for a wedding between two of my college friends, Tim and Becky. It was a really fun time with a nice (and sunny) outdoor ceremony and a dance and drink filled reception. Don’t worry, I didn’t drive back to the hotel.

Aside from seeing some of my college friends for the first time in a long while and the obvious wedded bliss, one of the highlights came with the wedding after party. We all went out to Smokey Bones, which is a chain restaurant that I never heard of until I made my way up.

Always wanting to try new places, I was excited to go here. And I was not disappointed. In addition to being pretty tipsy, I had a hard drink and a chocolate cake shot, which were tasty. The highlight was the food. Maybe it was from drinking, but I thought it was delicious.

Courtyard MarriottThe first thing I tried (on recommendation) were the Smoked Wings, which were like regular wings but not saucy at all and got all of its flavor from a rub. I also got a plate of the Loaded Nachos, which I thought was going to be a small plate, but it was like the size of a tire. I couldn’t eat it all, but it was glorious.

Luckily, it was within walking, in this case staggering, distance of the hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott, which gave us enough room to be comfortable. There was also good food in the lobby’s restaurant, so I partook in an egg white, spinach and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. Pricey, but yummy. I liked that they offered wheatgrass, too.

Olive GardenSpeaking of food (as usual), we also ate twice at the Olive Garden where the groom worked. They were offering the Never Ending Pasta Bowl, where you can get unlimited pasta, soup/salad and breadsticks for $10. I usually don’t eat pasta, but I did it because it was cheap and filling. It was tasty and I tried a new sauce they made, the Asiago Garlic Alfredo.

Although it was all chain restaurants (aside from the good food at the wedding, I had a filet mignon and shrimp stuffed with crabmeat along with some wedding cake, a salad and some cocktail hour apps), I had a tummy-filling weekend of fun and food.

Business CardsAnd top it off, I got a bunch of other business cards from my college friends James and Lindsay that kind of told a small story about their home owning experience (as well as a hairstyling place and a diner). I’m grateful to them for collecting these business cards and saving them up for me. That wasn’t the only CT-based business card I got over that weekend.

I have no idea who this guy is, but somehow his card wound up at a random gas station and I picked it up while traveling home.

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