Disney’s A Business Card Disappointment

I went on vacation to Walt Disney World about a month ago and was excited to see if I could snag a lot of business cards in Florida while I was there.

Boy, was I wrong. There were not as many business cards at Disney as I thought. And you know what? Why should there be?

I mean, Disney is world renowned and you’ll be able to find most anything on Disney property without needing a card. From the maps and guides to the fact that you actually have to pay admission to get into a majority of the places, there’s really no need. However, we did leave Disney property for one day and actually grabbed a couple from Downtown Disney, the restaurant- and shop-oriented part of the property.

East Coast Mechanical

Well, it all started a couple of weeks ago when I found this card in the parking lot of my office. Yeah, I picked it up off the ground. I wrote a blog about doing that sort of thing. Moving on…

Portobello Italian RestaurantPortobello

The first night Beth & I got to Disney, my brother & sister-in-law took us out to eat. All while we got lost on the bus. I ate wood-roasted portobello mushroom with gorgonzola/polenta/rosemary sauce and grilled fresh salmon with crispy oregano potatoes/arugula/pickled red onions. Boy, was it good. That was the theme of some of the restaurants Beth & I made reservations at, including Chefs de France where I had escargot and a salad and Mama Melrose’s where I had minestrone and corvina with fennel/peppers/basil-garlic gnocchi. Others were not so great, such as…

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Splitsville Luxury Lanes, a bowling alley and restaurant in one. Bowling was fun, but an order of cheese fries that took 3 tries to get right and a mediocre taco salad was not so fun. Other misses include Coral Reef Restaurant and the meatless creamy lobster soup (although the orange-ginger salmon with stir-fry veggies was a bit less bland) and Planet Hollywood where we got free dessert (a mountain of ice cream and toppings) because there was plastic in my nephew’s dinner.

David Dibble

We did go off the resort one day when visiting Beth’s grandma in West Palm Beach, where I got my first-ever business card from a toll booth. Do you want to work in a toll booth in Florida? As long as it’s air conditioned.

Publix PharmacySomething Silver

We also went to a Publix to get a snack and I snagged the business card from the pharmacy. I also got my last business card at Disney from a store called Something Silver. Didn’t go in, just grabbed it in passing.

World Car Center

How convenient that the last business card I find in Florida was on the floor in the airport. And may I say, what a crappy food selection this airport had. The one place I liked, a smoothie place, was under construction.

My trip to Disney was full of memories that I’ll keep for a lifetime. Including the fact that my business card collection did not get much growth from it.

And yes, I want Disney to make a movie called “A Business Card Disappointment” and give me royalties.

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