Finding Dominican Republic Business Cards in the Most Unusual Places

My significant other and I decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic right before Christmas since we wanted to get away to somewhere warm. After seeing how the hurricanes earlier in 2017 decimated the Caribbean, we decided to go there since they had an all-inclusive resort that was in our price range.

Like my prior all-inclusive resort trip to Antigua, I didn’t expect to get any business cards since we stayed on resort for most of it outside of one excursion. But shockingly, I found 2 cards in the most unusual of places.

Pepe El Lanchero VIP Tours

The first one was for Pepe El Lanchero VIP Tours that apparently do excursions throughout the Dominican Republic, which was somehow in the sand on the beach on my introductory day on the island. Oddly enough, that company was not the one who our excursion was through.

We wound up going ziplining through another company called Blue Travel Partner Services and it was a once-in-a-lifetime fun experience seeing the nature of the Dominican Republic while dashing through the air. It, along with relaxing/reading by the beach & pool, going clubbing, dining at the buffet & gourmet restaurants and enjoying plenty of drinks & our company was a nice combination for a vacation.

We stayed at the¬†Bahia Principe Ambar Blue in Punta Cana and as I said, it was a wonderful experience. There were different sections of Bahia Principe and one had kids nearby, but it wasn’t like they were horribly annoying or anything. The first language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, so thankfully my significant other is fluent. She joked that was like I was her boy toy because she spoke for me.

The staff there were top notch, as were the accommodations. The room was so nice with a comfortable king bed, though the pillows were too soft as all hotel pillows are, and a beautiful bathroom. The flaw of Bahia Principe Ambar Blue is that our minibar was never restocked once even though they went to the room everyday, sometimes twice, to clean it up.

The weather was in the high 70s-low 80s everyday and the water was somewhat cold as the afternoon got later. The whole area shouldn’t have naturally been this nice in December, but we were told on the excursion that our resort area was actually mountains until they were literally knocked down to make tourist attractions. Who would have thunk it?

Speaking of the excursion, I was also humbled by the lifestyle of the poor citizens of the Dominican Republic. The schools have barbed wire on the walls and one public school even only opened up 7 months ago, which amazes me beyond belief. It makes me glad to stay on the resort most of the time in my bubble.

Barcelo Dominican Republic

We didn’t stay at Barcelo, but I found this business card in the Dominican Republic airport of all places. It was literally on the counter as checked our baggage. Leaving Punta Cana was quite difficult since we were going back to the cold weather and our lives. Good thing Christmas was right around the corner and my work week is only 3 days and then New Year’s Day is off as well.

Business Card Count: 36,989

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