Don’t Pack Your Knives and Go

G Grab and GoEver since I saw the “Coming Soon” sign up in front of what used to be the Tuscany Cafe, I anticipated the G Grab and Go restaurant. Why is that?

Simple. It’s because it’s owned by Mike Isabella, who I watched on the only Bravo show that I would admit to watching: Top Chef. He went from being positioned as an antagonist on Season 6 in Las Vegas to being positioned as more of a fan favorite in Season 8 in New York.

Mike IsabellaKnowing that a man who was almost Top Chef was opening up a restaurant right around the corner from my apartment excited me. And then it happened: the place opened.

And I procrastinated going there. Until a few days ago. When thinking about what to get for lunch before a road trip to CT, my girlfriend Beth and I decided on G Grab and Go since we wanted to try the Mike Isabella-inspired restaurant. Being a premier chef, the food was delicious.

Top ChefI had a chorizo breakfast burrito with egg white, hash brown, cheddar cheese and a green chili sauce and she had a sandwich called Let’s Go Clubbing (turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and basil mayo on sourdough bread).

In addition to the food, the restaurant also had the Top Chef look that I’ve seen pulled off during Restaurant Wars (the most highly anticipated contest by the chefs). It has seating for 14 people, so it’s definitely good if you want to Snag and Stay. See what I did there.

I also saw a section dedicated to Mike Isabella’s book, as well as some co-promotion by another Top Chef alum: Carla Hall. Do you want to taste Carla Hall’s nuts? You can at G Grab and Go.

The only disappointing factor about this trip was the fact that I got my food in a brown paper bag. Normally, I wouldn’t be so angry for getting brown bagged, but there were a couple of fancy G Grab and Go boxes prominently on display. Taunting me.

I would definitely go back here again.

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