Drop Something? I’ll Pick That Up

Sidelle SydneyMany times, people drop things on the ground and think nothing of it. Sometimes, they pick it up right away if it’s something like money. Other times, it’s something like food that you would want to pick it up but know you can’t.

But there are things that I do pick up: dropped business cards. Yes, it’s a sickness. It all started when I was walking along the highway as a teen and saw a business card just dropped on the grass in the median.

Business CardThat’s just the beginning of my obsession collecting business cards… that were left on the ground. I’ve seen many business cards on the ground in urban areas, such as Brooklyn where I recently found the card of Sidelle Sydney.

I know what battle raps are (thanks 8 Mile) and are not really my scene. I did go to this site and it seemed like an interesting point of view. It’s just not my scene, yo. Yes, I’m white.

Carmen OrtegaMoving onto another business card that I found in Union City NJ, where there’s clearly a high Hispanic population. How can I tell? Just take a look at this business card from the language, even down to Carmen Ortega’s name.

All I can get from this is that she distributes something. Probably a pyramid scheme of some sort. No habla espanol, making me 0 for 2 when it comes to picking up relevant business cards off of the ground.

Sandip PatelI’m not prejudice when it comes to picking up business cards off of the ground. I can do it in a more suburban setting.

And what setting is more representative of suburbia than right outside of my apartment complex. One of my neighbors decided to drop the business card of Sandip Patel, who is apparently running for Edison Council.

Business CardsWhat’s his platform? What are his views? And why is there another guy on the back of his business card? I have no idea, but I know to vote Column C this Election Day.

Wrong holiday. And I don’t vote, so that’s 0 for 3.

None of these are of any use to me, but I’ll still add them to my collection.

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