DWG Total Furniture Repair Company Fixed My Dining Room Set

DWG Total Furniture Repair CompanyDining room furniture is something we might take for granted since eating in front of the TV is more of the norm nowadays than having a meal at the family table. Most times, the dining room table is just a large place to put your mail and other assorted crapola.

But, there are times when the dining room table gets utilized besides sitting for dinner in the way it was intended such as for holding party platters and playing board games.

However, one of the legs on the table and the legs on 3 of the chairs were loose no matter how many times we attempted to tighten them. That’s when a call to Bob’s Discount Furniture came since they were still under warranty.

They contracted the warranty work out to DWG Total Furniture Repair Company, who are based in Roselle Park NJ. Apparently, Bob’s doesn’t have a team of their own that handles repair work, so I met Dwayne W. Gilyard who I’m assuming the DWG in the company name is. I guess hiring a one-man repair team is cheaper by the job than having someone on staff full-time to pay benefits to.

But I digress. He was set to arrive at 9 am, but arrived 10 minutes early. Normally, I would commend earliness, but I was running around that morning between grabbing some food and dropping the kids off at daycare. He was knocking at my door as I pulled up at 8:50 am and I had to shout at him from my car, almost hitting his truck in the process since I was focused on rolling down the window and trying to turn into my driveway.

Gilyard showed the “going the extra mile” initiative by arriving early and also tightening every leg on the table and all legs on all 6 dining room chairs. It only took him about a half hour to do all of the work and left before 9:30. I appreciated the extra effort and the fact that everything is as tight as a… whatever tight euphemism you use. Google Suggest offers up drum, whistle, tick, boiled owl, owl tiger, rope crossword, clam, simile and fishes arse.

I can’t tell you whether DWG Total Furniture Repair Company is a good business to use for your home fixing needs since all Dwayne did was tighten some bolts, but I can tell you that he seems to go the extra mile if you choose to call him.

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