Every Dog Has Its Business Card

I’ll have to admit it: I’m a dog person. Most dogs seem to like me and I like most dogs. I also hope to get one some day, as does my wife. Soon enough dear, soon enough.

Thunder CorgiThunder Budddy

I already have a few dogs in the form of business cards. One of my wife Beth’s coworkers, Katie, recently gave her the business card of a corgi named Thunder who was her corgi Rex’s Secret Santa. Thunder appears to have a social media presence, perhaps to become a corgi phenomenon through cute photos and/or videos.

I’m a little disappointed Thunder doesn’t have a Twitter, but then again it’s not a bird, it’s a dog. Dogs don’t tweet.

Beth was excited and was sure that this was the first business card I ever received of a dog. I had to disappoint her and tell her that it was not. I’ve received some others.

Apple Pie Pet BakeryApple Pie Pet Bakery

This one is a bit of a stretch since Apple Pie Pet Bakery is a pet food creator based out of St. Thomas. However, a certain dog named Apple is named the Official Dog Treat Taster. I’d love to get paid with food and belly rubs while living on a tropical island. I guess I’ll settle for being a human in cold New Jersey.

Eastside Kennel

This business card is a double whammy and I consider it as the dog’s business card since the Eastside Kennel is promoting said dogs. The first side is simple enough: a young dog named Rob Lo that’s 6 months old. I don’t think he’s The Grinder or [insert a witty St. Elmo’s Fire pun here], but I think he’s probably been adopted at this point since this card was from a couple of years ago.

Rob Lo Eastside KennelKing Midas Eastside Kennel

The second is much different. Meet King Midas: a dog who’s open for stud. It seems up front enough about his breeding costs and such, and I have no idea if that’s a reasonable rate. I’m not sure if the King is still in business, but I’m sure he likes giving approved females the Midas touch.

I’ll be adding dog business cards here as I get more, but how likely is that? I don’t know, but I’m not counting business cards with dogs on them promoting another business (ex. pet stores and dog walkers). Stay tuned for more!

Business Card Count: 31,746

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