Galaxy Diner: Out-of-This-World Horrible Customer Service

Galaxy Diner Rahway NJThere are some instances where you get bad customer service. There are others when you literally get yelled at and berated like a child. May I present to you my customer service experience at the Galaxy Diner in Rahway NJ.

It was this past Saturday night when I ordered food to go for a star wrestler to bring to his hotel room. He paid for it, so that wasn’t an issue. I thought everything would be peachy when I was told the order would be ready pretty much whenever I wanted it.

I asked for an egg white omelet with cheese, turkey sausage & extra tomatoes and an order of blueberry pancakes. When I arrived, I had some facepaint on that I had trouble washing off. I got a weird look from the guy who “helped” me, but I explained that I couldn’t wash it off.

The bill was over $20, which is when I asked “$21.50, is that right?” He said yes because I asked for extra tomatoes, cheese and turkey sausage. Extra everything, not just extra tomatoes.

I said that I didn’t order extra everything, just extra tomatoes. He retorted that he wrote down exactly what I said and when I replied with what I did say, he yelled at me.

He hollered at me questioning if I was hallucinating my order. He then yelled “I wrote blueberry pancakes, did I hallucinate that?” I threw the money at him and told him to keep the change.

I was angered that I was treated in such a rude manner. Granted, I looked like a lunatic with the facepaint that wouldn’t come off, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to get yelled at. I guess others had a similar experience at the Galaxy Diner with such stellar reviews as:

  • Galaxy is under new management, and they have no idea what they are doing.
  • The gentleman at the door has always been unpleasant, no one has a smile.
  • I wish I would have read these reviews before I ate there.

I guess you’ll be treated better at the prison in Rahway than at the Galaxy Diner.

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