Getting a Quarterly Spot Spraying & Checkup From Terminix

Terminix Trenton NJBugs have never really been a huge problem for me, more of a nuisance. A hatred of ankle-biting mosquitoes in the summer time.

Though the house I bought did have a cricket issue of them being in the wall, so that was fun. I believe I got someone to take care of them while patching the hold causing the problems.

But I feel like this is my first experience with regular bug treatments with a company like Terminix. That’s because my significant other has a plan with them that costs a minimal amount per quarter.

And I must say the outer pods are effective since I barely see bugs inside. It was only when I started dwelling in the basement (and we cleaned it) did a few more start coming.

The other day, Ibrahim Temur from Terminix came out to the house to do some spraying inside and out. He said the inside hadn’t been done in a while, so its a good thing it got done.

I was picturing a tent needing to be erected and evacuating to the backyard from the fumes. Turns out, it’s a small canister of spray and the area couldn’t be touched for 15 minutes.

Ibrahim, which must be Abraham in another language, was polite and thorough to ensure everywhere that needed to get hit did. If it keeps critters out for winter, it’s well worth the money.

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