Getting Engagement Party Alcohol with Great Service

Wegmans Liquor StoreBeth and I went to JWG Fine Wine and Spirits, which is the Wegmans liquor store attached to their Woodbridge NJ location, for our engagement party alcohol. We went in with a list of what types of wine and beer to get, but had some helpful guidance.

Two of their employees, Mary and Jasi, walked us through the process of choosing the right red and white wines that both went along with the food we plan to serve and that people would actually drink and enjoy.

They also gave us a recommendation on a champagne that would be a good choice for a toast. We didn’t drink this yet since our engagement party has not occurred, but we’re pretty confident that everything we bought will please the palates of our guests.

We bought some beer as well for those who don’t like wine, 3 12-packs to be specific.

Even though the whole experience took about an hour (with us roaming around the beer section for almost a third of it), it was worth it because of the customer service experience we received at this Wegmans. I would definitely do alcohol shopping there again.

The best part? I got four unique business cards out of it.

Liquor Store Woodbridge NJ

What has your experience been buying alcohol from Wegmans? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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