Another Move Down: The Good & Bad of My Most Recent Home Move

Tom's Automotive Service Old Bridge NJMoving day is always a stressful time since there are so many moving parts. But I doubt I’ve ever had a move as mentally taxing as this one.

That’s because there were a lot of layers to it. For one, I only had 3 days notice doe to my landlord somehow telling the homeowner that we’d be out by the 15th of the month when we agreed on the 1st of the next month.

My landlord also offered to get a truck for us both, but reneged. I also asked for half my rent back and am waiting on it. I would have stayed until I got my money, but the homeowner said they’d clear everything out using a junk removal company on the 15th.

So I couldn’t just stick around. At least I left things behind I didn’t want to carry out. But the landlord complained about that even though she told me I could leave anything behind since leaving excess garbage out would have cost her money.

She even sent photos claiming she’d be charged for the cleaning crew though they’d be brought in anyway. Between no notice and the fact that I haven’t heard from her since the move except for the photos, I hope karma gets her good.

This situation really caused me to panic over finding a truck, which I wound up getting at Tom’s Automotive Service on Old Bridge NJ. The place was far off of my beaten path and looked like such an old-school mechanic in the middle of nowhere.

They only had a 10-foot truck available and I thought that I’d be okay since I downsized a lot. Not enough apparently since I needed to make 2 trips, which led to a longer time moving. But it meant that I got more of a workout since I did a good amount of heavy lifting and walking. I did not go to the gym afterwards. Or the next day.

I also got some good bonding time in with my mother and significant other who both helped me with this move at the drop of a hat. I’m much happier in the new place than the old one since it means a new chapter in my life that I’ve been anticipating for a long time now.

Not to mention the laundry isn’t left in the machine for days and I’m not in a basement where the bathroom ceiling looks like it was chewed by beavers.

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