Good Business Cards Come in Small Packages

Media Business CardsIt might be dainty, but I don’t care since it’s full of business cards that are now mine.

One of my fiancée’s coworkers who was cleaning out some old cards or ones where she put the people’s information in her phone or email account. I don’t know, but right before throwing them away, my nice fiancée saved the day and gave me this little box of sunshine.

It was one of her Public Relations coworkers, so there were a lot of media business cards in this small box. This ranged from magazines & newspapers to websites, blogs and even TV networks.

Aside from the US, they’re from around the world from places including Canada, Paris, South Korea, London, Tokyo, India, Croatia, Taiwan, Amsterdam, South Africa, Belgium, Brazil & Israel.

They have a variety of looks and the contacts hold a variety of positions including a couple of Editors at Large, which I had never heard of although it sounds like a publishing super villain, and even a Chief Executive Pirate. It’s funny how some companies/people like to make up their own fancy titles.

Some were companies I knew and others I’d never heard of. The only question I have is: why is there a random kung fu instructor and taxi company in this box of media business cards?

A big thanks to Katie Foley for letting Beth take these business cards home for me!

Have any experience receiving business cards from the media? Tell me more in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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