Wedding Blog: We’re Using a Hand-Me-Down Wedding Florist

River Dell FlowersI have to be honest: this blog post has been a long time coming. We initially met with River Dell Flowers way back in the wedding florist consideration process. I recall wearing short sleeves.

Anyway, we decided to meet with Brian Patri based on him giving my brother & his now wife great treatment as their wedding florist. I went to the first meeting that lasted over 2 hours. I was ready to bail. On the wedding.

Just kidding. Even though it was a tedious meeting (since I’m a guy who has little interest in flowers), it still got the ball rolling and Brian got our trust with his ideas and our (Beth’s) floral preferences. However, he wanted to meet with us (I “called in sick” that day) when we had some of the decor picked out and some bridesmaid dress swatches.

Months passed and then Beth went to River Dell Flowers with a box of what we’re doing to decorate with at the wedding. They talked things out before we officially chose him, hence why this blog post has been a long time coming. I’m confident that, between how knowledgeable Brian is and how the floral arrangements look at my brother’s wedding, our flowers will help our wedding bloom.

Had to throw a pun in there. Tell me about your experience with your wedding florist, even if it’s not Brian Patri and River Dell Flowers, in the comments below or Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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