Hitting the Motherload (A While Ago)

Business CardsI mentioned in a previous blog post that some of my friends and family actually collect business cards for me from their adventures. I’ve procrastinated writing this for a couple of months just because other business cards I’ve collected have taken precedent.

Anyway, I got a mother load of business cards from my Uncle Skip and Aunt Ellen a couple of months ago when I last saw them. I don’t see them often, but they usually bring me a heaping pile of business cards when I do.

My uncle recently retired, as did my aunt, so they have been taking some pretty nifty vacations. What does that mean? I get business cards from some pretty interesting places that I would never see otherwise.

Business CardsBut that’s not the only thing that I get. I also get to know their habits through the amount of times I see certain business cards, such as a a bunch of business cards from a Staples… sound familiar?

For example, these eight business cards are places that I’ve seen for years. I know I’ve seen some of them at least 10 times. Hell, there are multiple copies of each of these.

I see this from other people I get cards from also. Is it sad that I know the eating habits of people I don’t see often?


Business CardsMy uncle also likes to humor me when giving me a bunch of business cards.

He throws in some non-business cards just to be funny keep me entertained while sorting through them. Whether it’s an expired credit card, a coupon or even those old-style phone cards (who uses those anymore?), I can always expect some surprises when sorting through the cards I get from them.

I appreciate all of the business cards I get from them, whether they’re from Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Wildwood, Massachusetts, Hawaii, St. Maarten, St. Martin (yes, they’re different places) or even Australia.

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