A Holiday Party For My Old Job at Piccola Italia Restaurant

Piccola Italia RestaurantSome people might feel awkward going to a holiday party at their former job, but not me. I enjoy the people and it helps that my wife also works there.

I was excited to get to the Piccola Italia Restaurant in Ocean NJ since it would be a fun night. From meeting new people to catching up with others, it was a night to remember.

The food was also wonderful. The flat bread was pretty good & I was told the round rolls were tasty, too. The crispy calamari was delicious with the addition of their sauce, as was the Ortolano salad antipasto and Gorgonzola steak fries appetizers we got.

The highlight of the appetizers I ate though was the baby clams that combined the shellfish, house-cured bacon lardons, Yukon Gold potatoes, toasted pine nuts, garlic, rosemary & a touch of pesto for an addictive flavor. I was angered when the waiter took them away before I ate them all.

At least that gave me enough room to eat my meal: some medium hanger steak with whipped potatoes and asparagus that all gelled together well. I also sampled my wife’s meal, free-range chicken breast, and it was juicy.

For dessert, a variety pack came out that included a fried cannoli that I didn’t try. The 2 items I had were the crème brûlée that tasted fine & creamy and the tiramisu that was much more impressive. It literally melted in my mouth and it felt like a badass version of ice cream.

My company’s holiday party will be at the Ramsey Country Club again this year, which I wrote about last year in this blog post, so that means you won’t get a new post unless the food is different. Then again, my wife will be there meeting my coworkers for the 1st time, so maybe I’ll blog anyway. We’ll see.

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  1. Thanks for the post Chris! Glad you enjoyed your event & the food! We hope to see you again soon!

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