How the 3Way Card Game is Uno on Steroids, Even Though the App Sucks

3Way Card GameOne of my favorite things to do is play games, whether it’s board games, video games or cards. Today, I’m going to talk about a set of cards that are deemed the ultimate party game by its company Suntree Games: 3Way.

The 3Way card game Android app was an easy download since I’ve never seen the game in stores. And the first time I played it, I enjoyed myself because it really was an amped up version of Uno.

How 3Way is Like Uno

3Way CardsAs you can see from the cards, it’s like Uno except there are 6 colors instead of 4. There’s also the stipulation that you can only play one of the 3 colors on the card, the main color & the 2 in the middle.

There are also wild cards, pick 2, reverse and pass (aka skip) just like in Uno. So, I definitely see the chaos that can ensue during a riveting round of 3Way. And I felt it when playing with the computer on the Android app.

Unfortunately, I went to play the game again and I ran into an issue.

The Android App Sucks

3Way Android AppThe second time I tried to use the 3Way app, it crashed. And every other subsequent time. I tried this for like a month with no success. I even used the Report function to let them know their app crashed to no avail.

Therefore, I deleted the app from my phone and 3Way is now 0Way. Uno became Oh No, I won’t have that app on my phone. I did go to the Suntree Games website and saw the game cost $8. It’s fun enough where I’d have it in my collection, but it’s a bit redundant since I have Uno… with New York Yankees players on them from 10 years ago.

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