How the Cazoni is the Work of a Mad Pizza Scientist

Pizza Stop South Plainfield NJI’m sure you’re tired of me eating pizza by now. My figure sure is, but  this technically isn’t a pizza: it just comes from a pizzeria.

The Pizza Stop in South Plainfield, New Jersey has come up with something genius: the cazoni. I’m not sure if these guys invented it, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Essentially, it’s the love child of a calzone and stromboli without the ricotta cheese. CazoniRicotta is the thorn in my side of any Italian dish.

Digressing from my hatred of ricotta, the cazoni is called a “baked pizza sandwich” with mozzarella cheese inside of pizza dough garnished with garlic, butter and provolone cheese. The sauce is used purely for dipping and the homemade recipe isn’t as savory as you’d expect, but that’s not a bad thing.

You can also get toppings inside of it (my personal choice is pepperoni), although my wife doesn’t let me. Wah. But wouldn’t it not be a topping if it’s stuffed inside. I guess it would be a filling.

Anyhoo, it’s a work of art. I always wind up eating a lot of it in one sitting, which is why I have to get smaller sizes. Kudos to The Pizza Shop for making, possibly inventing, something so good.

You still don’t get a pass for the grammatical error on your business card: Cazoni’s… come on guys. You should know better than that.

Business Card Count: 30,873

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