How Colonia Chiropractic Helped Me Heal From a Drunk Driving Accident

Colonia ChiropracticI almost died last summer after getting hit by a drunk driver. Not only that, but my significant other, the 2 kids and her younger brother were also in the car. It was the most unusual of circumstances since the drunk driver hit a police car first at full speed and then careened into ours from behind while we were on the shoulder.

Thank the lord that nobody got seriously injured during this accident and that a drunk driver was taken off the street. However, my back and neck were in bad shape due to the blunt force trauma from getting rear ended.

That’s when I needed some help recovering and my first experience with a chiropractor began at Colonia Chiropractic. My initial visit was with Dr Frank Stiso, where we talked about my injuries and he took X-rays to see how everything was looking with my bones. Turns out my pelvis was out of alignment, as was my neck.

Then, I began seeing Dr. Darlene Werko 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for treatment. At first, the treatments were tough since I wasn’t very flexible. In fact, I didn’t work out outside of doing cardio for a month. The treatment consisted of 20 minutes of pressure from a machine where they put 2 wires near my neck and 2 wires near the base of my spine to soften those areas before the doctor manipulated them with her hands.

The techniques used on me comprised of:

  • Pressing down on my back and cracking my neck while laying on my stomach
  • Twisting my pelvic area via pushing down on my hip while laying on my left side
  • Twisting my pelvic area via pushing down on my hip while laying on my right side
  • A couple of cracks of the neck while elevated at an angle and laying on my back

These started to work for me and my visits to Colonia Chiropractic reduced to the point where I was able to start lifting weights again and went from 3 days to 2 days to 1 day per week to biweekly. I still don’t feel 100%, but then again that could be from other lifestyle choices. I can function pretty much how I used to and I have all of my sessions with Dr. Darlene Werko to thank for that, as well as my 1 session with Dr. Michele Stiso.

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