How H&R Block of Piscataway NJ Delayed My Tax Refund

Ellen Sowers H&R BlockTax time has come and gone once again. I used the same accountant… I mean Senior Tax Advisor that I had last year: Ellen Sowers at the H&R Block in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Everything went smoothly when the taxes were done in the middle of March, long before the April 18 deadline. Or so I thought.

I awaited my refund… and waited… and waited. Funny story: it turns out that the forms were all signed for the longest time and H&R Block never sent them in! And this was after the tax deadline no less.

H and R Block Piscataway NJIt’s partially my fault for not checking in sooner. Wait, no it’s not! H&R Block should take all of the blame for this since the paperwork was literally not sent when it should have been sent a month before.

The person on the phone gave an “oh, of course Ellen didn’t do that” type of response. I’m assuming it’s on Ellen because she is my accountant. Or should I say WAS my accountant.

No matter what happened, I feel like H&R Block is in some way to blame for this. At the very least, Ellen was thrown under the bus in this case. Either way, I don’t trust H&R Block to do my taxes anymore, especially the location in Piscataway┬áNJ. Well, maybe I’d trust them to do my taxes, but I’d have to send them via carrier pigeon or Pony Express… not worth my money or peace of mind.

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