How the PC Richard & Son in Woodbridge NJ Missed the Mark

PC Richard and Son Woodbridge NJThere were some more items that were needed to make our house feel more like a home. Two of those things are a washing machine & a dryer since we no longer wanted to go to a laundromat.

I’ve purchased appliances from PC Richard &┬áSon in the past on Long Island, but I’ve never been to the location in Woodbridge, New Jersey. As soon as we came in the door, a Hispanic salesman named Michael (no last name) came up to us and asked if we needed help.

We did and found him to be pretty informative as we looked at washers and dryers for the first time. He laid out the 2 options for the washer (with and without the middle piece known as the actuator) and the 2 options for the dryer (a door that opened horizontally or vertically).

We opted for a Whirlpool set without the actuator (to fit more clothes) and a dryer door opening vertically. Then, we also browsed a few other items that we thought we might need down the road: a refrigerator, a TV and a BBQ. When looking at these items, Michael gave us the information we needed but came on a little too strong in his role as a salesman.

It seemed as though we were pressured into “reserving a price” for a fridge at a nominal fee, getting a TV we’d wind up opting out of and not even choosing a BBQ because PC Richard & Son is too much money. We left feeling good about our purchase, but then came…

The Delivery: It Got Slightly Worse

The delivery person came promptly and he installed the washer and dryer pretty quickly. A little too quickly unfortunately since the dryer wouldn’t dry. So I had to call PC Richard & Son again to set up an appointment to see what was wrong.

When the guy arrived early (which was helpful when working at home), he discovered this in the pipe going between the inside and outside of the house…

PC Richard & Son NJ

That’s right! Designed to keep cold air and critters out, it also triggered the dryer to automatically turn down the heat. When I questioned why the installer didn’t take this out, I got the answer: “Oh, they don’t look in there. They just plug it in and go. They do 20-3o a day.”

GRANTED that schedule is hard… you can’t take 60 seconds at most to look & see if there’s something stuck inside the pipe? C’mon PC Richard… dropping the ball.

It could have been a worse experience, but it’s more on the staff members being a little bit off than the company or products themselves.

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