Divorced: How Steven J Kaplan Helped Me Through the Toughest Time of My Life

This is not how I pictured my life going. The fact that I’m officially divorced at 31 is very bittersweet.

My dream was to be married only once (since my parents got divorced when I was 12 or 13), have a family and grow old with my wife. It took a while, but I’ve mourned and accepted that loss for the sake of my happiness.

My Lawyer

Steven J KaplanSteven J Kaplan was recommended to me by a trusted source, so I went to meet with him. Right away, he gave me assurance that the divorce process would be simple and straightforward (legally of course, emotionally was much different).

With his over 25 years of experience, Kaplan talked me through the whole process step by step and how everything would work. He knew that I wanted as little emotional/financial damage as possible (that came into play of course), so he took that into consideration.

He made me feel so reassured by laying everything out. Him telling me “I’ve never seen ______ in my 25+ years of practicing law” a couple of times made me feel a lot better about the divorce.

From the retainer process through the final judgment, Steven took all of the legal stress away from me and that’s priceless. He told me I didn’t have to stay for getting the hardcopy of the paperwork, which was nice since I cried the whole drive home.

The Next Phase of My Life

With everything being over, I’m choosing to put the pain and bitterness behind me. I’m going to heed the advice of the judge and remember the good times. And I’m grateful to Beth for them and being there for me in my darkest hours when my Dad passed away suddenly & I got laid off twice.

The divorce also made it clear that I needed to work on other relationships in my life with family and friends. And work on finding myself more with my wrestling and other bucket list I want to pursue.

And I’m blessed enough to start the next chapter of my life alone, as I met Jess in 2016. She has been somebody I can lean on with all of the bad feelings I’ve had and share the good & bad times of life with.

We fell for each other really fast & hard… and I couldn’t be happier. I’m more than willing to walk through life by myself because I love who I am (and will become), but would prefer to have her by my side.

I’m taking the lessons learned from my marriage and applying them to all aspects of my life. The next phase of my life is just the beginning, but I highly doubt that I’ll ever get married again. I believe I can have a lifelong partnership and start a family without being bound by the legalities of marriage, seeing as how at least half of marriages end in divorce anyhow.

I ran a little off the rails of my lawyer Steven J Kaplan, but there are just things I wrote out that I needed to see the text of (not just in my head) that are here for you to read and others I released without publishing.

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