I Chose a New Gym: Retro Fitness (throughout New Jersey)

Retro Fitness Freehold NJIt took a little while after I decided to leave LA Fitness, but I finally picked a new gym: Retro Fitness, primarily the location in Freehold NJ. However, I’ve worked out in a few of them around the state so far.

It’s weird how inconsistent these gyms are from one another. Planet Fitness is pretty much cookie cutter with added equipment with more space and LA Fitness was the same way with equipment & amenities. There’s a stark contrast with Retro.

The Freehold location has a steam room, but it’s the only location I’ve been to with one. There’s also a variety of different equipment and rooms depending on the location you pick. The only consistency is their Theatre for cardio, which I don’t use anyway, and the juice bar that has decent enough protein but use liquid flavoring that tastes too artificial.

But here’s why I chose Retro Fitness over some other gyms besides this juice stack of business cards I was able to get at Retro.

Club Metro

Club Metro Freehold NJIn spite of the other stack of business cards I got at Club Metro of Freehold and how much nicer that gym is compared to Retro, Club Metro was just too expensive. Not to mention there aren’t enough locations in North Jersey to accommodate my desire to work out elsewhere.

New York Sports Club

In spite of the third stack of business cards (see a theme here?) I got at the New York Sports Club in Manalapan, I felt like there was lack of difference between NYSC and Retro. I didn’t need a basketball court, which takes up about half the gym’s space and NYSC was more money (see another theme here?).

After the first month of being a Retro Fitness member, I’m enjoying it. I’m still getting a good workout in each time I go to the gym, but I do find myself not wanting to shower there since the soap is inferior to LA Fitness. I just bring my own and smell squeaky clean.

Oh and Retro also wins because their stack of business cards was bigger than the stacks from the other gyms.

Business Card Count: 32,979

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