I Just Got Another Elusive X Business Card

Xclusive Auto Body Perth Amboy NJWhen it comes to business cards, not all letters are treated equally. It would be shocking to know that X is the rarest letter to get (meaning companies or people’s names starting with an X). In fact, Xclusive Auto Body is just the 16th X business card that I’ve ever gotten.

I’m not sure if it’s because companies are afraid to use the letter X at the beginning of words or if it’s just a consequence of X not often being a starting letter in the English language.

Here are all of the X business cards I have in my collection:

  • Xanadu at Jackalope Santa FeXanadu at Jackalope in Santa Fe, a southwest-style furniture store and the 17th X business card I received while seeing family for the holidays in 2016
  • X-berg-Tag, an exhibition/tour offered at the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum in Berlin which I got during my visit to the city in 2005
  • Xcalibur Band, a classic rock and blues group based in Middletown NY
  • The aforementioned Xclusive Auto Body in Perth Amboy NJ
  • Laura Xenakis, a Licensed Real Estate Agent at Argyle Realty (the 1st-ever X business card I remember receiving)
  • Xfinity WiFi, which is available for free at the Monmouth Mall in NJ
  • Xincon America, a trade school located in Edison NJ
  • The Xios clothing store location at the South Shore Mall in Bay Shore NY
  • XLab, a special group of exercise classes offered at Work Out World
  • Xplore Scuba of Fort Mill SC is the 18th X business card I’ve received, which I got from my great Uncle Joey in a big pile I got
  • The Xpressions adult store locations in Lindenhurst and Oakdale NY
  • X-Press Mobile, a cell phone store in Montreal
  • X-Treme Limousine Service based in Hauppauge NY
  • Dr. Zuhui Xu, an acupuncture or herbal medicine specialist at Massage on the Run on Long Island
  • Ken Xue, a [INSERT Chinese symbols here] at high-end tourism company CAT International Inc.
  • Vivian Xue, Manager at Gemstones of Africa (located in NYC and LA)
  • XXXV Gentleman’s Club in Sayreville NJ

After taking a look, it’s a combinations words that don’t normally start with an X but now do to stand out, international names and adult-oriented establishments. I think X business cards will be hard to come by for me unless I visit an adult convention or walk around a Chinese (or other Asian culture) neighborhood, neither of which is on my immediate agenda.

For now, the X business card will still be my Holy Grail to add to my collection.

Business Card Count: 33,936

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