I Went to Primanti Bros and Got One of Their Famous Sandwiches

Primanti Bros York PAI recently went to visit my friends Jon & Alison to see their new house and hang out for the weekend. They live 2 1/2 hours west in Manchester, Pennsylvania and they insisted that we have lunch at a restaurant called Primanti Bros.

Primanti Bros (the location we went to was in York PA) is known in the area for their sandwiches. They started in Pittsburgh and you can now order online according to the business card I picked up.

The Primanti Sandwich Experience

Primanti Bros Corned Beef SandwichI’m not going to lie: I was hesitant to order a sandwich because I was told that the sandwich contained coleslaw. However, I found out it was a vinegar-based sweet and sour slaw… so I decided to give it a shot and boy did it pay off.

Besides the slaw, the sandwich contains a meat of my choice hot off the grille (I picked corned beef), provolone, french fries and tomato on Italian bread. I must say that this sandwich was quite good.

After unhinging my jaw, everything meshed together well. The slaw and corned beef dominated my taste buds, while the tomato and fries gave some extra texture. The only flaw in my opinion is the bread, as it’s really too thick for my taste.

Then again, I don’t like eating an excessive amount of fluffy bread like those slices clearly have. Perhaps if the bread was toasted, then the sandwich would have been that much better. Either way, it was a lot of sandwich and I wound up eating less than half the bread.

Primanti Bros offers more than just sandwiches, like the loaded nachos that we had & tasted like good-quality nachos you’d get at other restaurants. Also, they have “almost famous” chicken wings, pizza and other American restaurant fare. I’d definitely go again for a sandwich, especially since the service was also top notch.

Business Card Count: 33,057

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